2017 Redefine Chinese Women Leadership Conference


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Chinese Women Abroad


April 08, 2017


Columbia University / Barnard College in New York City


1 day, 2 panels, 3 workshops

About 2017 Redefine Conference

Redefine hosts an annual Chinese women empowerment conference in North America. We hope this is an opportunity for participants to reflect,  think, question, learn, and connect. The theme this year is Chinese Women Abroad.

Brain Teasers:

  • How is this identity of a Chinese women important to us?
  • What challenges our culture identity brings us in relationship, family and work place? How can we deal with them?
  • How can we leverage our experience as Chinese women abroad to think critically, and live to our full potential?
  • Redefine Conference is open to everyone interested in the discussion. We need your participation to make this conversation successful and impactful. This is an opportunity to raise your voice, reflect on your path and redefine your own positive impact.

Morning Exercise:

Panel I: Gender Education in U.S. Universities and its impact on Chinese women abroad

Have you taken a gender class? Are you in a women’s college? Did you see Hillary’s presidential campaign? How does gender education and conversation shape your views and identities?

Session starts with a brief presentation from Redefine team on women's college education in the U.S., followed by a conversation with professors working closely with Chinese female students, activists in promoting gender education in China,and students from women's college institutions, discussing their experiences in the Chinese women community, and the future of bringing gender education to China. 

Panel II: Cultural Identity Influencing our relationship with the “Significant Other

Should I date a Chinese, an ABC or an American? This is not gossiping, not venting, but a deep and thought-provoking conversation on a topic that matters to a lot of us.  

Session starts with a brief presentation from Redefine team on dating relationships of Chinese women abroad, followed by a conversation with sociologist studying Chinese “leftover women,” novelists writing stories involving relationships of Chinese women abroad, and leaders in Chinese feminist movement, discussing their understanding of this topic, reasons for Chinese women to develop certain patterns and preferences they've observed, and advice they have for young Chinese women balancing between a conservative and progressive ideology they live up to, and a traditional marriage culture they come from, and to a certain extent, respect.

Afternoon Tea:

Short Intro of the Social Leadership Track

This workshop looks at ways that everyone can take part in social movements and create positive change in the context of “everyday sexism” that women, especially Chinese women abroad are facing. We aim to facilitate a combination of small group activities and whole group discussion other that offer multiple avenues for participants to explore connections between everyday experiences of gender and gendered power relations. The workshop moves from a general discussion of leadership into specific examples of social movement and problematic social assumptions.


We aim to engage participants in self-reflection and self-discovery to increase self-consciousness in terms of core values, life standards and life goals. Through the guided exploration of life core values, and via sharing in a safe space, participants will have a clearer understanding of [what matters to them] and standards they [follow]. They will be more cognizant of their role and position in the bigger social and historical context, and in turn have a better idea of adjusting their values, standards and approaches. Each participant will be able to lay out future standards and steps in order to better navigate their life and improve their quality of being.

Career Connection – Sponsor Talk

We’ve invited a dozen Chinese women in senior positions from a variety of industries and companies - Google, McKinsey, Bloomingdale, social work, Goldman, freelancer, to engage in an intimate conversation about some real advantages and struggles for Chinese women to get a job in US and that Chinese women face at the work force. We also want to provide a space where every participant will have 1-1 time with a speaker to learn about an industry that she is interested in, to ask any off-the-record questions, and to form an authentic relationship with a mentor.

Career Development – Resume & Interview

Our experienced speakers and mentors from McKinsey and Goldman will lead two workshops in resume editing and interview training, customized for Chinese women abroad. We will not only cover banking and consulting, two traditional industries, but will also share tips and tricks for other industries, from non-profit to fashion. These workshops target topics that are specific to Chinese women.

A Little History of Redefine Family:

Founded in 2015, Redefine builds a community for Chinese women, with a focus on self-discovery, growth and leadership. We embrace the responsibility to challenge, inspire and support self-identified Chinese women to think more critically, dream bigger, develop a give-back mentality, define their own identities, and redefine their paths. We believe in the power of ripple effect in creating positive cultural impact.